Your Cake

Here at The Cake Witch every single cake is special. I aim to work closely with my clients, either by telephone, email or personally, in order to fully understand their themes, styles, ideas and visions: I want their cakey dreams to become sugar reality. Getting to know the unbelievable people I work with only heightens my enjoyment in making their cake: there is nothing better than seeing their faces when they see their cake.

Some clients meet me at open days, others via venue recommendation or perhaps through a search engine, however you find me, I will do my absolute best to make the process of ordering your cake easy, stress-free and enjoyable.

Each and every cake is handmade by me, from scratch. Every egg is cracked by me, every spoonful of sugar is added by me, every buttercream pearl is piped by me, your cake will be entirely hand crafted by the Cake Witch.

I make all my own syrups, ganaches and buttercream fillings. If a specialist ingredient isn’t available easily I will make it myself, anything from a particularly important jam that can’t be bought, such as Strawberry and Black Pepper, to dietary necessities such as Vegan Lemon Curd. If I can’t find it, I will make it so that you get the best handmade components possible.

Should you choose a cake that is to be decorated with fresh flowers, The Cake Witch has its own cutting gardens. We have over 50 different rose varieties plus dahlias, herbs, foliage and many different annuals. If we are commissioned to make a cake with enough lead time, we will source the flower seeds or bulbs that are required and plant them in time for the client so that you know where your flowers are home grown. During the winter months when the garden is dozing, we have a wonderful florist who supplies any flowers required to an excellent standard.

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